2017 is already over?!?

OK - so this year didn’t go as planed….

We finished the remodeling of our downstairs level.  One reason we loved the house was because it had a complete footprint of the house on the lower , walk-out, level.  So we now have a bedroom, sewing room, batrh, theater/family room, music & art studio, kichenette and office.  All that was left for 2017 was the new deck and patio.  

I said to Don, “By next February  (2018) I want to have all the stuff sorted through, put away, filed, digitized, or thrown out.”  Ah…the best-laid plans…

Got the shingles Memorial Day weekend and that pretty much sums up the rest of 2017.  The good thing was that I have had only one chair where I can sit and the pain is less - and that was right by my windows so I could watch them install our beautiful deck!  Still on drugs for the residual pain and just waiting for it to go away.

In Oct I deceided I might as well get my knees done.  I had stem-cell therapy and it is working wonderfullly well.  I had my second (and hopefully last) treatment on Wed 12/27.  So…back in the chair.  I am going to try and stand up on my own this afternoon so we will see what we will see.  The good part is that I should be walking by Monday and be running and enjoying my knees in about 4-6 weeks.  No knee replacement, just my own “home grown” knees.

What happened with the genealogy?  Well…here is where that stands…

Rineharts, Raubs, Wambolds & More!

I have been working on tracing these families back to their origins in Germany - also known as the Germanic States.  They all lived in Baden-Wurtenberg, Germany and there are some good records, some poor records, and some non-existent records.  But it is fun to try and sort out the Dieter’s, Anna’s, Maria’s, Andreas’, etc as they all loved to use the same names. 

Found that Great-Great-Grandfather Curtis was a POW at Camp Chase during the Civil War - even with records to back this up!  Guesshis wife,  Josinah Rinehart Curtis, was on her own while he was imprisoned. 

Still can’t find marriage and birth records for Abraham Rinehart - Maryland is NOT a user-friendly website and I learned that many of the reocrds were destroyed (of course) during the time he was there.  I hope to get through those German Church records to help me with this family.  And no records that see to tie to Josinah’s mother, Anna Rees, which has been disappointing.

Curry Madness Continues

While I haven’t been actively working on this line, I have had some “new cousins” contact me this year and we are trying to share materials.  One has much more documentation and I feel overwhelmed when looking at what she has.  It is really impressive and, once incorporated with mine, should give us a really godd picture of the family and their movements in VA/WV.

Some last thoughts….

I wonder what my ancestors would thing of all the diving and delving I have done into their lives.  I am sure they just thought they was living their lives, doing the best the could, with their sights on Heaven when they passed.  And isn’t that what we do each day?  While I love it when I find an ancestor who fought for our country or served their community, most of them were hard-working souls who wanted a better life for their families.  Can’t really argue with that…