Genealogy Trails 2015

httpToday I begin working on the family history, photos, and genealogy.  My goald for 2015 is to get all my scrapbooking done (Good luck with that!) and a big hit on the family history and genealogy.

Let me take a moment to reflect on photographs.  There is just too much disorganization!  I use the Legacy program so the photos have to be located on the computer so they can be accessed.  I also store all my photos in Aperture.  So, somehow, I have to find a way to keep track of what pictures are where.  I finally hit on a tagging solution today.  In aperture, I tag them with a yellow tag that means "this picture is in the legacy file and attached to the person there."  Then I tag then in the Legacy folder with a yellow tag that means “this picture is in aperture.”

Pretty simple, right?

Well, it would be if I had done this for the past 4 years!  So now I get to go through everything and double-check it.  Oh well, at least I will do this work-flow from now on!  Moral of the story - find an organization work-flow early on and stick to it!

I have found some cool pictures for the family as well as lots of information.  Been working in a hap-hazard fashion with the holidays but am now back at it in a strong way.  Here are some of the interesting picutres I have found:


Ha!  Thought you would like that!

One of the best things is the resemblance between family members.  Here are pictures of my Great-Grandmother, Anna Haessig, her son (my grandfather), Louis Betler, his daughter (my mom), Joan Carol Betler, and my son, Brian Bailey.  Guess the Haessig gene’s skipped my generation!


Hoy Burnside Lou Betler - Version 2

carol 1937

Cassey Moulton Nichols, Brian Bailey, Shannon Moulton 2008 - Version 2