Musings on the Ballard Family

So I am working tonight on research my Ballard relatives.  I am using a book by Lynne D. Miller “The Descendants of Thomas Ballard and Anne Thomas” and this version was published in 1997.  

I am trying not to enter everyone into my tree - after all, do I really need  all 10 generations of cousins?  But I find it interesting that all these girls are named….Mary “Polly!”  Now, I ask you, how can you have a wife and a sister AND a daughter and they are all named…. MARY “POLLY!!!”

I found a link today on one of my facebook genealogy groups to an interactive “bubble” map of the most popular girls names since about 1875.  Gues what #1 was until the mid 1900’s?  You guess it - MARY!

I really love Lynne’s book…she has found all the people she can and it is interesting to see 10 generations of descendants in one place.  She doesn’t have the sources listed but says “If you need a source for particular lines, send a self addressed stamped envelope.”  i think I might have to do that.

She also updates the book periodically but I can only get a copy of the 1997 version.  Wouldn’t you know - my direct line is listed in the 1998 version and I can’t find it anywhere.  Maybe I will write to Lynne…or maybe she will see this post and contact me.

Anyway - too many people to think about, all named William, Thomas, Mary and Anne.  Then the names get more creative and I wonder, “where did they come up with THAT?”

Best thing about this is listening to the Piano Guys and Norah Jones while working on these puzzle.  MAybe one day I’ll find my link to Ira Pettit (Volume 1998) and I’ll be able to sing…

“At Last….Life is like a Song!"