Continuing Curry Madness

I have been in contact with my cousin Janet - you won’t believe all the information she has on the Curry’s!  But, of course, she is not on my line but we have a grand-father in common.

As stated earlier - I have joined the DAR under the patriot Dr. Robert Curry.  If you are interested in joining through him, please contact me and I can help you out.  I’ve been named as the registrar for my chapter and am now taking the genealogist classes they provide.

I have been usingtwo family books to help me, From Whence We Came and From Corner to Corner with John Curry, Sr.  Both have quite a lot of information but sourcing is tricky.  The first book is a family history written by someone who I know did a lot of research but he did not source it all.  The second has a lot of sources but doesn’t have all my lines.

On the earlier Curry Madness post, I had the family lines, some children, etc.  I have been working on sourcing this information ever since.  Janet has some really good souring but the James - James - James and the John - John - John and the Robert - Robert - Robert and the William - William - Willian well…still quite a web to untangle.  

I have the following lists of children from the “original” Augusta Curry famillies as shown below in the Corner book:

To emphasize the relationships among the Curry’s of northern Augusta county at Long Glad Run and Linville’s Creek in the 1770’s, the children of each family are listed below:

1.  Dr. Robert Curry:  Samuel (believed to be co-executor of Edward Erwin’s Will), Margaret, Mary (Molllie), Ann, William, James, Robert Jr., Alexander, Isaiah
2.  William Curry:  Alexander, Robert, James, Benjamin, Jean (Jane), Mary Elizabeth, Margaret
3.  John Curry Sr.:  Joseph, Mary, William, Nicholas, James, Robert, John Jr., Saran
4.  James Curry Sr.:  James, Susan, Rebecca, Mary, John
5.  Isaiah Curry:  who married Margaret Leeper and had land at Long Neck on the North Rived should be considered among the north Augusta County Currys.  He is reported to have had a half dozen children, however these are not known with sufficient certainty at this writing.

So my line comes down through Dr. Robert Curry’s son Robert.  Of course, Dr. Robert’s wife was Anna Currie - another line - and her father was James Currie.  And the Sarah “Scottie” Young (there are 2 grandmother’s with this name) family is now making an entrance, along with the Erwin family. 

I believe that we will, one day, get everything sorted out.  But right now it still appears that I have 3 Curry lines that intertwine and 2 of them are descendants of Dr. Robert.