Summer Time!

It's finally summertime!  The spring semester went by too fast for us and we haven't had a chance to even think!  We are both so glad it is time to do some "relaxing!"

Right after school was out, we went on a road trip to Scotsdale AZ.  Don had been given the trip as part of his 25th Cerner Anniversary.  We had a great time driving on "Old Route 66" and viewing the sites in Amarillo, Albuquerque, and Arizona.  Got home and then Julane headed off to WV where she visited her Mom and picked up some more genealogy stuff at both the Brooks & the Betler Reunions.  She will be adding some more pictures to this site soon.

Make sure you check out the picture sites and send us stuff and information for the family histories.  Hopefully, we will soon be sending you a disk with all the information on it for your viewing pleasure.

Bye for now!